- 12 October 2018, 08:30 in Social Media

Social Media poses biggest data breach threat

Following the amount of airtime devoted to scandals from Facebook / Cambridge Analytica to Google+, it may come as no surprise that social media platforms pose the biggest danger when it comes to data breaches.

Gemalto’s latest Breach Level Index, which keeps a record of the world’s public data breaches points the finger firmly at social platforms, which accounted for over 56% of the 4.5bn pieces of information that were put...

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5 Types of Social Proof that Increase Online Sales

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The Three Missing Links in Social Media Marketing

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How Social Media and its Influencers are Driving Fashion

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- 4 May 2018, 08:00 in Social Media

Size Isn’t Everything – Why Micro Influencers Matter

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- 25 April 2018, 08:00 in Social Media

Will the New Twitter Character Limit Affect your Digital Marketing Efforts?

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- 20 April 2018, 08:00 in Social Media

Social Media and Visual Content Set to Dominate Online Marketplaces

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- 29 March 2018, 08:00 in Social Media

Don’t ‘Do’ Social for the Sake of it

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- 21 March 2018, 08:00 in Social Media

Snapchat Revenue Set to Pass £100 Million For the First Time

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- 19 March 2018, 08:00 in Social Media

Cracking Qualitative Research with Social Influencers

Here’s a starter for ten, to quote Jeremy Paxman: In an era of data abundance, why is it so difficult for marketers to find out what their...

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