- 25 May 2018, 08:00 in Search

5 Ways AI can Improve your PPC

With more and more budget being directed towards digital media, the PPC auction is becoming ever more competitive, making it a tough world for digital marketers. Could Artificial Intelligence (AI) be the answer?

Today, AI is making great strides forwards, as computer processing power is at last able to afford experts in the field the opportunity to deploy increasingly sophisticated AI programs. We’re still a way off what is known as...

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- 15 June 2020, 08:00 in Customer Experience

5G will advance all of society as we know it

“2020 is the year of 5G.” How many times have we heard that phrase, or...

- 1 March 2018, 08:00 in Search

Turning up the Volume on Voice Technology

Promises of voice interactions with technologies have been bounced around for many years. Yet, although...

- 15 September 2017, 08:00 in Search

Expanding your Marketing Operation? Why Organic Search Should Take Centre Stage

Imagine installing billboards for your brand in Manchester when you want to target customers in Birmingham. Imagine paying for a TV advert during...

- 7 September 2017, 08:30 in Search

Why Website Load Speed is Important for SEO

Site speed plays a vital role in search engine optimisation (SEO) and improving your search rankings. Nowadays, everyone’s in a hurry, and the...

- 30 August 2017, 08:00 in Search

7 Important SEO Focuses for Accounting Firms

Almost all businesses need an accountant. If you’re an accountancy firm, you’ve probably got your own website and marketing strategy to...

- 29 August 2017, 08:30 in Search

Website Migration: What Happens When the SEOs are Overruled?

Websites should never be built purely to appeal to search engines, but SEO should always be factored in from the very start of planning a new site....

- 28 August 2017, 07:30 in Search

The Power of Voice Search Is Changing the Future of Businesses

Have you started preparing for a future dominated by voice search? The allure of voice search is undeniable – it’s fast, smart,...

- 17 August 2017, 08:30 in Search

How Can Brands Benefit From the Rise of Social Search?

I asked a room full of marketers the other day, “do you have a search strategy” and as you’d expect, the answer was 100% yes. I...

- 28 July 2017, 07:30 in Search

Google's New AdWords Editor Rules

Those who work with AdWords will no doubt have upgraded to the latest version of AdWords Editor. In this new version of AdWords editor Google have...

- 25 July 2017, 07:30 in Search

Customer Reviews and the Search Marketing Opportunity

Customer reviews are already a well-understood mechanism for enhancing a company's digital marketing. They allow a business to collect customer...

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