- 5 October 2017, 07:30 in Analytics

7 Ways for CMOs to Beat the Analytics Adoption Odds

Data has never been more central to the world of marketing than it is today. CMO budgets are rising fast, and with them the responsibility to spend wisely.

No CMO can hide any longer behind John Wanamaker’s famous quote: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half.” Today’s CMO must be ready at all times to answer questions like: Which campaigns are...

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- 15 June 2020, 08:00 in Customer Experience

5G will advance all of society as we know it

“2020 is the year of 5G.” How many times have we heard that phrase, or...

- 30 May 2017, 09:00 in Analytics

Analytics and Targeting - Maintaining Momentum with Marketers

Investment in data and analytics is continuing to gain momentum among marketers. While some are...

- 25 May 2017, 07:30 in Analytics

5 Simple Ways to Make the Best of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a bit like my Uncle Brian - full of interesting facts and stats, changes his ‘look’ every six months and has a...

- 7 March 2017, 09:00 in Analytics

Webinar: Google UK - Adapting Measurement Strategies for Modern Marketing

While the landscape has changed with regards to the explosion of data, the questions you need to answer as marketers haven’t. You still need to...

- 4 January 2017, 07:30 in Analytics

Measurement Key to Proving the Role of Marketing in Business

Digital marketing isn’t slowing down any time soon, with a reputation for both stability and constant change. In the last quarter alone,...

- 2 December 2016, 08:00 in Analytics

Facebook’s Metrics Have Always Been Unreliable – Why Were you Relying on Them?!

Facebook has been plagued by reports of dodgy metrics. First it was video views that were criticised, with videos that autoplay as they whiz past in...

- 27 October 2016, 08:00 in Analytics

The Metrics That Measure Brand Success

A surprising amount of businesses are still perplexed with how to quantify the success of their brand awareness. This is understandable; measuring...

- 3 October 2016, 07:30 in Analytics

Three Simple Ways on how to Qualify an SEO Agency

Today’s market is flooded with SEO agencies of all shapes and sizes. From one-man band “consultants” to large media agency owned...

- 14 September 2016, 11:30 in Analytics

Are Your Phone Lines Letting You Down?

It is widely accepted that web analytics is essential for any company operating online. Businesses need to know how traffic comes to them; the search...

- 9 September 2016, 07:30 in Analytics

The Threat of Missed Opportunities: Why Accredited Metrics Matter More Than Ever to the Mobile Advertising Industry

With the mobile advertising market valued at over $100 Billion this year alone, here’s something every advertiser needs to know: putting in...

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