- 15 April 2019, 09:30 in Email Marketing

Bristol council marks GDPR pledge with a data breach

Thousands of residents in Bristol have received an email from the city’s council apologising for a data breach made as the department sought to reassure citizens of its compliant data handling.

The email explained that the email addresses of those caught up in the breach would be erased from council records.

The incident came about after citizens signing up or contributing to the Bristol Citizens’ Panel were inadvertently shown the emails of...

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- 11 April 2019, 14:33 in News

241 tickets at European Data Protection Summit

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- 14 February 2019, 08:00 in Email Marketing

Unsolicited marketing: the right approach for e-billing in light of GDPR

In a recent study by consumer body Which?, several major retailers were potentially at risk...

- 6 September 2018, 09:00 in Email Marketing

Marketing agency fined £60,000 for nuisance emails

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has fined Everything DM Ltd (EDML), based in Stevenage, £60,000 for sending 1.42 million...

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