- 1 July 2019, 09:15 in Mobile

Nokia warns UK over using Huawei kit

The Finnish company has warned the UK against utilising Huawei’s equipment following fears over network security.

Huawei, the leading telecoms company had been under increasing global pressure following accusations that it conducts surveillance on behalf of the Chinese government, with the US being the most vocal about it.

Huawei has continuously denied all allegations.

Marcus Weldon, Nokia’s chief technology officer told the BBC that due to pressure by the US, fairness is “returning...

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- 15 June 2020, 08:00 in Customer Experience

5G will advance all of society as we know it

“2020 is the year of 5G.” How many times have we heard that phrase, or...

- 25 June 2019, 09:00 in Mobile

ICO fines EE Limited £100,000

The telecoms company has been fined £100,000 by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for sending...

- 21 June 2019, 09:00 in Mobile

High-risk vulnerabilities found in iOS and Android applications

In the Vulnerabilities and Threat in Mobile Applications 2019 report by Positive Technologies, researchers examined vulnerabilities and threats in...

- 19 June 2019, 09:15 in Mobile

New Android malware that can bypass 2FA

A new type of Android malware has been identified that is capable of bypassing SMS-based-two-factor authentication. In a report on ESET by researcher...

- 19 June 2019, 09:10 in Mobile

New tool by Cellebrite can unlock any iPhone

The Israeli forensics firm and law enforcement contractor Cellebrite has announced a tool allowing law enforcement to unlock and extract data from...

- 6 June 2019, 09:10 in Mobile

Privacy pledged but could Apple do more?

Besides the big news of Apple Sign In, the tech giant announced a privacy update to the Kids category in its App Store developer guidelines at the...

- 24 May 2019, 09:15 in Mobile

US legal firm creates new data privacy app for compliance with CCPA

A law firm in the States has launched a new app designed to help companies comply with the forthcoming California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA). The...

- 23 May 2019, 09:30 in Mobile

300% increase in fraud attacks from mobile applications

New research has found that fraud attacks from rogue mobile applications have increased 300% since the last quarter. The Fraud Attack Trends: Q1 2019...

- 21 May 2019, 08:45 in Mobile

Google limits Huawei Android usage

Google has taken the decision to restrict Huawei from a number of Android updates. Newer models of the Chinese tech giant’s smartphones will...

- 20 May 2019, 09:45 in Mobile

Fraudulent apps usage increases 159%

Mobile app fraud has significantly increased with hidden ads, spoofing, background ad activity and measurement manipulation being the common types of...

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