- 20 August 2019, 08:00 in Apps

#privacy: Over 80 malicious Android apps have been downloaded 8 million times

Researchers at Trend Micro discovered that 85 Android apps were adware posing as legitimate software.

Disguised as photo-editing apps and games, the adware apps have been caught delivering adware, thus enabling them to monetise affected devices while attempting to be “innocuous”.

The adware apps display advertisement that are difficult to close as well as employing techniques to evade detection through user behaviour and time-based triggers.

The adware apps include Magic Camera: Make Magical...

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#privacy: Web regulator in China says app operators must clamp down on data collection malpractice

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Russia demands Tinder to share user data

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Chinese database exposes 42.5 million records

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Millions of golfer records from Game Golf app exposed

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Balancing App Monetisation and the User Experience

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