- 26 September 2019, 11:50 in Compliance

For the Love of the Customer and Compliance

With mobile phones now firmly attached to our hands and an average of 24 hours a week spent online, the UK has truly embraced a digital lifestyle. This can also be seen in the nation’s purchasing behaviour - a staggering 87% of shopping (excluding groceries) took place online in 2018. With this in mind, companies need to consider not only which products will sell best online, but of ways to deliver the best customer experiences possible to set them apart from the competition.

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- 15 June 2020, 08:00 in Customer Experience

5G will advance all of society as we know it

“2020 is the year of 5G.” How many times have we heard that phrase, or...

- 11 September 2019, 15:55 in Compliance

Future-Proofing Business: Multi-Cloud and Compliance

Future-Proofing Business: Multi-Cloud and ComplianceMany businesses will use multi-cloud to architect their IT environments within...

- 20 June 2019, 08:10 in Compliance

The ICO admits its own website is not GDPR compliant

The Information Commissioner’s Office has admitted to the use of cookies on devices has failed to meet the required GDPR standard. Uncovered by...

- 30 April 2019, 09:00 in Compliance

Security and compliance is a digital transformation priority

Results of a new survey conducted by ComputerWeekly.com illustrate how security and compliance has become a priority for European businesses as they...

- 23 April 2019, 09:30 in Compliance

Millions still rely on simplest passwords, study finds

New research suggests that millions of us are still taking the lazy option when it comes to creating a password to accompany user log-in details....

- 8 April 2019, 08:30 in Compliance

Cyber-attacks ‘damage’ national infrastructure

A worrying trend has been highlighted by recent research, showing how a rise in hacking activity on key structures has put systems offline with...

- 4 April 2019, 09:00 in Compliance

Businesses and charities urged to take action to prevent cyber attacks

Data from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) have shown a reduction in the percentage of businesses suffering a cyber breach...

- 7 March 2019, 06:00 in Compliance

GDPR compliance boosts business, study shows

Businesses that are embracing the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enjoy increased efficiency and are more attractive to...

- 18 February 2019, 06:00 in Compliance

Data protection in the Brexit landscape

Last week, European Data Protection Authorities and the European Data Protection Supervisor met in the European Data Protection Board to discuss a...

- 13 February 2019, 06:00 in Compliance

Company closure and 4-year ban for director after marketing regulation breach

A director of a lead generating service has been banned for four years after failing to ensure his company complied with text message regulations Lad...

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