- 16 October 2018, 10:00 in Features

2-4-1 Tickets at Data Protection World Forum

For a limited time only, tickets to the inaugural Data Protection World Forum (DPWF) are available to delegates on a two-for-one basis.

Ending this Friday (19th October), the offer allows two tickets to this industry-leading data conference to be purchased for just £395. The deal aligns with a further 250 free tickets available to the DPWF exhibition, courtesy of Data Protection Magazine.

Don’t leave data security to chance

This landmark year in data...

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Data Protection World Forum free passes

As a reader of Digital Marketing Magazine, Data Protection World Forum is offering free passes...

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Influencing the Next Generation of B2B Buyers

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Multichannel Communications and the 24/7 Customer

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Personalising Personalisation

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The Modern Marketing Tug of War

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4 Ways to Engage audiences Through Tribal Marketing

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The Top 4 Questions your Marketing Team Needs to Ask

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Overcoming Marketing Roadblocks in Regulated Industries

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