All too often it seems that Digital PR is pegged against Traditional PR as an either-or approach. While Digital PR offers what Traditional PR does (albeit to an online audience), it also simultaneously offers excellent online visibility benefits when effectively executed. Impact lies with citations (mentions) that are organically gained as a result of value provided (i.e. genuinely beneficial content). It’s about finding traffic where you can and driving it back to your site.

As Google’s algorithms change constantly, posting backlinks on loads of low quality sites doesn’t get your site ranked highly anymore. Today, it’s all about online presence which is, ideally, akin to omnipresence. And Google’s got game. As their search algorithms become more advanced, they become more holistic. It’s effective Digital PR that serves to create a credible, present, active brand online.

In doing this, Digital PR is actively future-proofing the online visibility and presence of a brand, regardless of changing algorithms and the like. Why? Because the mentions, references and links to a brand are genuine. They are from genuine publications and sources. Essentially, what makes Digital PR the powerful tool it is, is its ability to shine a bright, genuine spotlight on a brand. And genuine will always count for something.

What are the Key Characteristics of a High Quality Citation?

Referrals to your site are a major factor in how Google ranks web pages. However, it’s important to understand that not all referrals are created equal. The following factors all contribute to a high quality link:


This is not to discount the massive value of Traditional PR. Traditional PR still reaches many target audience members who are not actively present online. But what is valuable to note is that digital is an eco-system whereby success in any digital area is influenced by the actions of a number of groups. Because, for all the fundamental similarities between Digital and Traditional PR, there is one massive added bonus that Digital PR offers brands and Traditional PR does not: search visibility.

Ensuring that your brand is offering the most valuable content, to the correct audience (those genuinely interested) will ensure that your brand is kept at the fore and reputation remains golden.


By Louis Venter, CEO of MediaVision

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