“We need more content!” A chant you hear in marketing departments everywhere – and for good reason. B2B buyers have dramatically changed the way they shop for new products and services.

Through most of the decision making process, they interact with us through our content, not a sales person. This puts even more pressure on the content we create and how we measure their interaction with it. Unfortunately, the answer always seems to be another white paper, another infographic, or maybe another blog post like this one. All of this is fine, but there’s got to be more.

To truly capture the attention of our prospects, we have to find more engaging ways to deliver our content and be able to measure the value of each engagement. This is why I am really excited about the release of ON24 Demand. A new feature of the ON24 Webinar Marketing Platform, ON24 Demand completely re-invents content creation by leveraging existing webinars to create multi-media video assets that can be used in a variety of ways. Here’s how:

Getting more from your best content

Perhaps the coolest thing about ON24 Demand is how it enables companies to edit existing webinars, adding images or video clips to create new forms of video or webinar assets. With this capability, you can create short snackable video clips that can be used on landing pages or integrated into social media applications. You can also edit an hour long webinar into a series of shorter webinars. The possibilities are endless to the amount that you can create, effectively enabling you to take good content and make it greater by maximising its potential uses.

Become your own publisher

The second component of ON24 Demand is a dynamic portal that makes it easy to find your video and webinar content. The ON24 Demand portal can be embedded on your website or published to partner sites or other locations on the web. You can also publish video clips directly to YouTube to extend the reach of your content.

If you build it, will they come?

There is a basic assumption that webinars can’t be optimised for search and can’t help your overall SEO. With ON24 Demand, that is no longer true. Now you can use voice-to-text, meta-tagging, and slide optimisation features to make sure that your best webinar content can be found, and more importantly you can enhance your SEO keyword strategy. Who doesn’t love content that gives you a little extra boost in SEO?

Now you can measure video impact

For so long, we simply posted videos and measured plays. There was no way to tell how long someone viewed your content. ON24 Demand helps you to measure viewing time of videos to gauge customer interest and capture the overall performance of your video library with an easy-to-use analytics dashboard. This will help you to refine your video content and leverage the platform to create videos that you think will be more compelling.

It’s webinars, it’s full-length video, it’s social video, snackable content, searchable, measurable, and in a gorgeous portal format – if you can dream it, you can build it. I can’t wait to see all of the creative ways that marketers will use ON24 Demand to create new forms of awesome content. Learn more about this new product feature and how you can reimagine multimedia content then go start creating your own!


By Joe Hyland, CMO of ON24


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