Many marketers partner with messaging specialists to conduct mobile marketing campaigns, however with technology advancing this can now go beyond a simple 160 character SMS. In this article, we talk about the range of services messaging platforms provide, and advise marketers on how to get more from their mobile messaging provider.

Many marketers use a specialised messaging provider to send targeted SMS messages to their customers. Businesses already take advantage of the almost guaranteed read rate that SMS offers, but the technology can offer a lot more to a marketing campaign. Today’s SMS platforms offer a wealth of additional features from capturing customer data to delivering offers that generate additional revenues. Plus, SMS marketing campaigns are simple to launch and manage, from procuring applicable mobile numbers or short codes, to API integration or out-of-the-box web-based solutions; it is a straightforward technology, accessible to any business regardless of size. So, with this in mind, are you making the most of your mobile messaging provider?

Engage with your customers

2-way SMS allows customers to respond to SMS messages sent giving them an active role in your marketing campaign. It encourages interaction by providing the tools needed to start a conversation with your customers, creating previously unseen levels of engagement from a mobile marketing campaign. It is useful for businesses to understand the needs of their customers; 2-way SMS can be used as an efficient and cost-effective consumer research tool.

Imaginative campaigns

SMS technology needn’t be dull. The same technology that powers 2-way SMS can also be used to run quizzes and sweepstakes, engaging consumers in fun interactivity with prize incentives. Clever marketers worldwide are using SMS platforms to launch imaginative, creative campaigns with a sense of fun that receive a very positive response from customers.

Harness data

If your customer is happy to respond, use it to your advantage. Technology is available to collate the data into management-friendly formats. Features such as advanced analytics, automated sending and delivery reporting and access to live data are just some of the ways you can begin to learn your consumers’ preferences. Once you have this information at your fingertips it can work as a valuable tool to improve the effectiveness of your ongoing marketing efforts.

Take advantage of the smartphone

With smartphones almost universal in the UK, just because you send messages via SMS doesn’t mean you can’t go beyond it. Adding click through links to your website or promotions is a simple way to increase traffic to your website and, if you’re looking to take advantage of your consumers’ urge for impulse buying, convert into almost instant sales. Additionally, traceable links sent through SMS let you clearly see the impact of your campaign.

Improve security

Consumers are increasingly concerned with security and demonstrating you are protecting their personal data is now a standard expectation. SMS platforms allow you to roll out an additional layer of security to customer accounts efficiently and effectively through SMS-based 2-factor authentication. When logging in or creating an account, a one-time PIN is sent via SMS to the user’s mobile phone, confirming their identity through a user-friendly procedure. This capability can be very useful in loyalty schemes or sweepstakes, where confirming the identity of the winner (and contestants) is important for transparency, accuracy and credibility of such programs among consumers.

SMS is at the heart of mobile marketing; however, it isn’t restricted to it. The technology developments have transformed SMS into a versatile and flexible medium able to offer a lot more than 160 characters.


By Silvio Kutic, CEO of Infobip

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