In my mind, businesses that can clearly articulate the specific role digital fulfils in their business strategy, brand strategy and communications mix are the ones capitalising most fully on our new connected world.

Without pinpointing these key roles – and appropriate KPIs to go with them – many businesses spend money on tech, platforms or media that have no clear objectives.

So my advice would be to crack those three questions before doing anything in digital. Defining these roles makes it simpler to assess which digital tactics you should commit to and which ones to avoid. And you can make informed choices of the types of content – from videos on your website to tweets to how-to videos on YouTube – you make, deploy and distribute.

Then you need to connect everything together – website, social media, apps and so forth – leaving no dead ends for people as they move through your universe of stuff.

Once all this is done, you can start to observe how people behave on your platforms – what they like, share, buy or criticise. This then informs your next wave of digital tactics. And so the cycle begins.

Sounds obvious, but it’s difficult to do. You need smart people to make it happen. That’s why MediaCom focuses so much effort on developing talented digi folk. Smart people who become experts in understanding user journeys for their clients. Experts who can then apply new media technologies (such as programmatic buying) to deliver audiences to our clients with the precision targeting, added value, reduced wastage and insights these new technologies deliver at scale. And teams who deliver innovation on every piece of digital activity. Not innovation for the sake of it but innovation that delivers competitive advantage and that matches our clients’ digital KPIs.


By Stefan Bardega, Head of Digital, MediaCom

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