Marketers need to convince the boss of the need for bigger digital marketing budgets and the business value of the benefits. Those of us who describe ourselves as digital specialists clearly have a vested interest in shouting about digital. Because we believe in it, we love it and we want to do more with it.

But with so many tools, techniques and opportunities at our disposal, it’s easy to get lost in the maze of options, to prioritise what we’re instinctively comfortable with, to lose control of the overall plan or to overspend on tactics and channels that don’t meet our business goals.

What’s more, every firm is different and there’s no definitive set of activities that will meet everyone’s business goals equally and effectively. Setting and meeting realistic expectations is crucial.

Our experience working with and within B2B organisations has taught us some lessons over the last year or two. In supporting forward-looking businesses to develop and deploy an effective digital strategy, we reveal our insight into the art of digital marketing.

In this practical, action-focused paper, we share our thoughts about what buyers want, need and expect from digital marketing campaigns. We'll explore marketing investments and policies that can give access to the most fruitful pipeline opportunities. We’ll describe some key techniques and tactics that in our everyday experience have delivered the best ROI and competitive advantage in B2B marketing.

The purpose of this thought paper is to help direct business leaders and marketers on the journey to digital marketing success.

This is an introduction to Touchstone CRM's white paper B2B Marketing: Reaching your Buyers on Their Digital Journey. To download the full white paper, click here.


By Natalie Edwards, group marketing manager, and Julien Davies, digital marketing manager, at Touchstone CRM

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