Digital technology is moving at such a fast rate that it’s leaving behind those companies that are not willing to accelerate their digital pace. Similarly, the digital employment sector is growing incredibly fast and offers its own set of challenges.

Here in the U.K the digital sector has created an incredible demand for (and a limited supply of) skilled digital candidates. Existing companies are working hard to attract and keep top talent. Additionally, there have been many new tech start-ups launching each day, further compounding recruitment and retention issues.

Successful hiring managers are aware that the demand for intelligent, passionate driven candidates is high, especially within the digital marketing, media, mobile and tech sectors. The key to attracting top talent is to ensure you promote the role and have a distinct employer brand. It is vital to make what you have to offer stand out to ensure you can recruit the most in-demand candidates.

You need to know what you want before you start engaging and interviewing candidates. You must have a clearly defined job specification that highlights what skills, knowledge and behaviours you would expect the job holder to have. As well as marketing both your company and the role at the same time.

Top candidates are hungry and driven. They love the digital environment and are ready to work hard to make things happen. These candidates are the people willing to research and improve their skills which in turn adds maximum value to your organisation.

Candidates have to be savvy in the digital world today. Whether it’s SEO, pay per click ads, or simply updating social media sites, the best candidates will know how to build and maintain a brand online. Therefore, knowing and appreciating the value of your candidates will help drive your business forward.

We are riding the wave of digitally influenced entrepreneurialism in the U.K, from the way business strategies are developed, right through to the way we hire savvy digital minded candidates. It is an exciting time to be running a business in this space.

Opilio Recruitment are “inch wide, mile deep” specialists in digital, technology and mobile. We have divisions in commercial (sales , business development, account management), technical (IT, infrastructure, development, architecture, front / back end) and marketing (SEO, PPC, Ad Ops, Programmatic).


By Veena Shepherd, Opilio Recruitment

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