Nearly every brand are stuck in "broadcast mode", relying on push tactics when it comes to social media, rather than engaging with advocates and influencers, according to new research.

Lithium Technologies' State of Social Engagement 2017 report shows that just 1% build relationships with brand advocates and influencers. 

The report showed that brands made improvements including better storytelling, more cohesion across channels, and more engagement with follower content. But despite these specific tactical improvements, engagement overall is down year-over-year for most brands due to lack of strategic focus, increased noise from competitors, and the proliferation of new channels which can strain internal resources.

Rob Tarkoff, Lithium president and CEO, said: “In the event of a crisis consumers inevitably turn to social media to voice their opinion, which can cause bad situations to worsen for brands who aren’t prepared.

“It’s no longer a question of whether social has real-world impact on businesses. It does, and getting the strategy right will have a direct impact on stock price, sales, and long-term success of the business.”

You can find the full report here.


By Jonathan Davies, editor, Digital Marketing Magazine

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