A law firm in the States has launched a new app designed to help companies comply with the forthcoming California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA).

The firm, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, teamed up with automation scientists to build SixFifty Privacy. The app launched on May 22nd, seven months ahead of the start date of the California Consumer Privacy Act 2018 – a new data privacy regulation set to raise consumer protection standards.

The Golden State will be the first in the USA to introduces data privacy laws that strike a similar tone to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation which came into being on May 25th of last year.

Twelve months into the GDPR era, consumer privacy has come under a global spotlight as regulators in Europe impose tough new standards on organisations dealing with the personal data of EU-based citizens.

Increasing numbers of high-profile data breaches, the risks they pose to consumer safety and subsequently issued sanctions, have illustrated how vital it is that the global community takes data privacy more seriously.

Regimes around the world have sat up to take notice of the GDPR’s effect. The pressure is now falling on organisations everywhere to be more transparent about how they store, use and protect personal data.

The CCPA should hold sway over 500,000 US companies from its implementation date of 1st January 2020, with Washington, Oregon and Maine also planning to bring in their own privacy regulations later on next year.

The SixFifty app will focus on automating processes to help organisations directly comply with the CCPA in areas including:

Collecting, managing and fulfilling consumer requests within 45 days
Mapping organisational data flow
Creating policy and compliance documents
Employee data privacy training.
President of SixFifty, Kimball Parker told eWEEK:

“We’ve automated each part of the requirements to adhere to the CCPA, and tried to make it as easy as possible for organizations to meet these obligations.”

Managing partner of WSGR said:

“On Jan. 1, hundreds of thousands of businesses will have to adjust to the new realities brought about by the CCPA, including changing their data management practices and policies or face significant consequences. The CCPA is only the tip of the iceberg for regulations around consumer data privacy.”


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