Research from CCS Insight has shown that more than half of online purchases in the UK this Christmas are being made on a mobile device, whether that's a tablet or a smartphone. Clearly consumers are choosing to do their Christmas shopping whilst during moments of downtime, such as during their commute to work, during coffee breaks or whilst in front of the TV in the evening.

For retailers wanting to capture these consumers’ attention, it’s no longer sufficient to focus on desktop advertising. Any advertiser who is not trying to engage potential customers on their mobile devices will potentially miss out on all this mobile interest.

Yet few advertisers are really geared up to take advantage of this ‘Mobile Christmas’. Large numbers of retailers, both high street and internet, continue to struggle with mobile advertising. Unfortunately, mobile continues to be an after-thought in their media plan, with too little budget and too little attention for it to really succeed. This is despite mobile advertising still being significantly cheaper than desktop ads and producing higher click-through-rates.

This is the equivalent of a high street retailer, who generates most of its revenues from shopper footfall outside the store, taking down all its signage and doing nothing to attract people into its store at the exact moment when passers-by are looking for presents to buy.

Such immense growth in mobile shopping over such a short space of time was always going to bring both challenges and opportunities for retailers and brands. But that can't be an excuse anymore. M-commerce is now prevalent and it's only going to continue increasing.

Retailers that get mobile advertising right have an opportunity to leap ahead of their competitors and capture consumers’ mobile attention. And any retailer not currently planning a mobile campaign on Christmas Day and Boxing Day - the two biggest m-commerce days of the year - should really reassess what devices their target consumers’ are likely to be using whilst watching those TV Christmas specials.


By Simon Birkenhead, CEO of Axonix

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