With new devices, new operating systems and more companies than ever investing in mobile, too many companies have been overly focused on getting a mobile site out into the real world, with little consideration for how well it performs. Slowly loading or crashing sites, as well as web pages that are clearly not designed for mobile or tablet devices, are plaguing consumers; hindering their loyalty to brands, pathway to the checkout and, ultimately, costing companies in revenue. Indeed, many companies have not realised how big data from mobile devices can be used to adapt and deliver engaging, personalised content, to the right consumer, at the right time – opening up a huge opportunity in the market.

Mobile optimisation

Before tapping into the lucrative opportunities surrounding big data, it is absolutely paramount that companies ensure their mobile sites are both quick to load and reliable. Customers simply won’t wait around for a site to load, and they are even less likely to try and re-load a page that has failed to load; instead they will turn to competitors. As a result, it is critical that businesses test and monitor their sites in order to ensure it is performing optimally. A desktop site can often contain many different features and elements, resulting in it being too ‘heavy’ to be loaded on a mobile device. Testing the mobile site in real-time will reveal exactly how the site is loading on the smaller screen of a mobile device – only then will the true user-experience be revealed.

With a mobile site that is fully equipped – quick to load and reliable – organisations not only have a new avenue to reach customers, but they also have more data about customers. The ability to collect and analyse these huge amounts of data, which would have previously only consisted of purchase histories, means that organisations have the opportunity to create a truly personable experience for their customers.

Getting the most out of big data

Making a mobile service personalised is mostly about understanding the context of the customer. Many businesses are looking at ways to engage customers throughout their physical to digital experience, such as knowing when potential customers are near a shop and then serving a tailored ad to their mobile device that offers discounts to encourage them to enter. However, what if that ad did not work in the moment that the customer was near the shop? This leads to an area that is overlooked by most digital marketers today, which is using big data to keep customers engaged digitally, by illuminating what’s happening during the customer experience within the mobile app. Was the customer experience good or bad? Did the app perform and, if not, where is the experience failing customers? Big data can help to determine what makes for a successful customer experience and can inform the business on where to make improvements that maximise their digital investments.

Knowledge is the key

Ultimately, companies need to approach mobile more intelligently to ensure that they are getting the most out of the platform. Marketers need to reach the right customer at the right time and this requires a good mobile strategy. Much of this consists of understanding a customer’s preferences and situation – whether they’re at home on a tablet, in a showroom on a smartphone, at the office on a laptop or in their parked car after a concert – and what sort of site or content this demands.

Preparation is the key and understanding your consumer’s behaviour on your app. If you know that your mobile site can deal with spotty coverage, has minimal third party apps slowing down the site beyond your control, and you can be sure it loads as quickly as possible and has a low tolerance to downtime, you have created the best environment to grab consumer attention and take them through to the check out.


By Jennifer Tejada, CEO of Keynote.

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