Adil Akkus, from Axa Investment Banking, speaking at next week’s GDPR Conference Europe: Roadmap for Sales & Marketing, says that “thanks to GDPR, we are just opening a Pandora’s box of data protection.”

Prometheus, or so Greek mythology tells us, put all the ills of the world into a box, which was opened by Pandora. But lurking in the bottom of that box was hope.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), coming into force on May 25th, may feel like an ill wind to many, but actually for creating trust between data controller and data subject, in creating an era of much needed transparency, it may mean hope.

Adil says that GDPR also provides an “immense opportunity for the product, sales and marketing teams as we can no longer afford to treat all the audience the same way.”

In his talk he will focus on:

  • Improved transparency & trust-based relationships
  • Opportunity to “re-evaluate” how businesses use personal data
  • New ways of thinking; creating new value exchange
  • More effective ways of communicating with the audience
  • Better informed decision making

“I expect that in 10-15 years’ time, we are going to smile about the early days of the data protection,” he said, “a bit like we are doing with the first mobile phones and laptops in the early days, which is why May 25 2018 is only the start of a much longer journey.”

Adil has delivered multi-site multi-million pound programmes for business and technology leaders such as Mercer, Sky, Virgin Media, BT, AT&T Wireless and T-Mobile.

Armed with a degree in computing, he started his professional career as a software developer in the telecommunications industry, where he was involved in legal and regulatory intercept features amongst other subjects.

He is a certified (PRINCE2, MSP and MoP Practitioner) programme manager and has been a certified (CIPP/E) data protection practitioner since 2016.

Adil says “My knowledge of technology gives me the context to dive into the technical aspects and Artificial Intelligence. It has also helped me interpret GDPR into the ‘technology speak’ so that the technology teams can implement what is required of them. My previous programme management experience has given me a good opportunity to help the relevant GDPR sponsors or DPOs establish or tweak their wider data protection programmes in a more structured way.”

Continue your journey to compliance at the GDPR Conference Europe: Roadmap for Sales & Marketing, 200 Aldersgate, St Paul’s, London on 8 March.

By Michael Baxter, Editor, Fresh Business Thinking


GDPR Summit Series is a global series of GDPR events which will help marketers to prepare to meet the requirements of the GDPR ahead of May 2018 and beyond. Further information and conference details are available at

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