Marketing expert, Zach Thornton, will be giving an exclusive keynote at the GDPR Conference Europe GDPR Sprint, coming to NatWest HQ at 280 Bishopsgate this Friday.

Zach, who is External Affairs Manager at the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) will be discussing best practice for growing your customer and client base under the GDPR, when the new data laws kick in on May 25th 2018.

The talk and the surrounding conference, are designed for start-ups and small business owners who still might be unsure of the implications of the new legislative climate, and who may be looking for practical guidance on how to progress on the journey to compliance.

Of particular significance to marketing managers, Zach’s talk will elaborate on ways in which smaller businesses can stay focused on growth, while shifting systems and processes to develop a culture that supports a new era in digital security.

It’s a crucial issue for organisations that are pushing to establish themselves at a time when consumers will be actively seeking to partner with firms that they know they can trust. Business owners will have to know that they can guarantee responsible data processing; only an approach that fully adheres to and works with the GDPR standards will suffice.

Zach will be shedding light on the issue, leveraging his comprehensive experience at the forefront of marketing and local politics.

Since joining the DMA as External Affairs Manager, he has focused on lobbying the UK and EU to achieve a balanced General Data Protection Regulation, and is now beginning work on the revised ePrivacy regulation. Intrinsic to his mission will be ensuring that the legislation does not undermine, but drives British business.

Zach is also passionate about politics and current affairs, and stood as a candidate for Borough Councillor in the May 2014 local elections in Tower Hamlets, London.

GDPR: Conference Europe GDPR Sprint

Not limited to marketing, the GDPR: Conference Europe GDPR Sprint is tailored to helping start-ups through every stage of their compliance journey.

Coming to NatWest HQ at 280 Bishopsgate, London, on the 4TH May, this exclusive event is supported by Henley Business School’s GDPR Transition Programme, and brings unrivalled alignment of the UK’s leading data protection experts and practitioners.

Attendees can expect a day packed with insight and actionable guidance through five keynote presentations and three panel discussions, while Q&As offer the chance to get your specific queries addressed by industry authorities.

Click here to book your ticket to this exclusive event at a special discounted price.

By Tom Davies, features editor, GDPR.Report

GDPR Summit Series is a global series of GDPR events which will help marketers to prepare to meet the requirements of the GDPR ahead of May 2018 and beyond. Further information and conference details are available at

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