The GDPR is introducing a permission-based future for data processing that will alter the way in which we reach out to existing customers and prospects.

But new standards of data security can only be reached if our internal communications systems are up to scratch.

So much of the GDPR is designed to boost data subject protection, which involves enhanced data access rights, the right to be ‘forgotten’, and data portability. It is down to individual organisations to bake the EU’s Privacy by Design ethos into communications processes so that the right safeguards are in place to control the warp and weft of data processing through your organisation.

While not a legal obligation, a Data Protection Officer or equivalent team of suitably qualified individuals will help guide you through all business operations to ensure you stay on track to compliance in dealing with personal information, which includes:

  • Names
  • Photos
  • Email addresses
  • Bank details
  • Social media posts
  • Medical information
  • IP addresses

New compliant policy for the processing of client information can be formulated in partnership with the DPO, which both employees and workers processing client information will follow.

Together with educational training and technology platforms, this will help nurture a new organizational culture of data security that will make privacy concerns second nature. Easy-to-use services and software integration will also go a long way to supporting compliant internal communications procedures.

Hear the expert opinion

The GDPR’s impact on the how an organization needs to run day-to-day will be core to panel discussion for an exclusive webinar hosted by ON24, live at 3pm on May 24th.

Other topics featured are:

  • Different mechanism for the go-to-market
  • Successfully aligning with other business stakeholders
  • Optimising the time of company commentators
  • Achieving a quick response to regulatory opportunities
  • Overcoming key challenges, such as speed to market, content lifespan and market differentiation.

GDPR guidance from industry authorities

Andrew Warren-Payne, Managing Director at Market2Marketers will be moderating the panel.

A connector of tech companies, agencies and media businesses to marketers and advertisers, Andrew is widely published and has spoken to thousands of marketers in events spanning over ten countries.

Featuring speakers from Henley Business School and My Inhouse Lawyer, our panel includes:

  • Abigail Dubiniecki, Specialist, My Inhouse Lawyer

A Canadian freelance lawyer and founder of Strategic Compliance Consulting Ltd, Abigail’s reservoir of expertise nourishes organisational compliance in privacy, data protection and GDPR implementation.

  • Richard Preece, Director, DA Resilience

Richard is an experienced international hybrid consultant, leader, Henley Business School Executive Fellow and GCHQ Certified Trainer. He enables organisations to become more strategically agile and resilient, to exploit the opportunities and minimise the dangers of the current and future digital hyper-connected world.

  • Zach Thornton, External Affairs Manager, DMA

Since joining the DMA as External Affairs Manager, Zach has focused on lobbying the UK and EU to achieve a balanced General Data Protection Regulation, and is now beginning work on the revised ePrivacy regulation. Intrinsic to his mission will be ensuring that the legislation does not undermine, but drives British business.

A Q&A session will follow the 45-minute debate, giving attendees the opportunity to get their issues discussed by the specialists.

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By Tom Davies, features editor, GDPR.Report

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