In this competitive digital marketing age, making an ecommerce website successful is not child’s play. You can’t get noticed merely by having good website design, using attractive product images and placing call to action buttons here and there. Ecommerce is evolving and you really need creative strategies to influence the minds of your customers.

Although these tasks may seem to be tough, it’s easy if you have proper planning and goals set for your ecommerce website. In order to guide you in the right direction, we are sharing 6 pro tips which, if implemented properly, can make your ecommerce website successful in 2015.

1. Optimisation

2. Attraction

3. Engagement

4. Conversion

5. Retention

6. Analytics

Let’s start with the first block:


Your site needs to be properly optimised for search engines. From Meta tags to JavaScript, and image optimisation to product video optimisation, everything should be addressed in a proper manner to get maximum search engine attention.


Well this is the block from where the customer journey starts. You have to create some solid strategies to attract the maximum number of visitors. Start a blog where you can publish important information about your products and services. Make content marketing your close friend. Expand your social circle and start interacting with the prospective buyers.


After optimisation and attraction comes engagement. This is the most important part because this will make them perform actions (conversions). Don’t take this part lightly. Follow the below tips to increase engagement:

1. Try to make your content personalised.

2. Your website should have clear product details and other related information.

3. Powerful graphics (have I said visuals speak louder than words? If not keep this in mind!)


Everything is going fine. Your website is engaging and now it’s time to get some sales. Leverage the power of personalisation here. Work upon call to actions and don’t forget to provide seamless navigation to visitors for better results. Let your visitors feel connected with your website. You can cater content according to them using the data which you have collected previously. Add express checkout options to make the task of purchasing is hassle free. Try to avoid unnecessary steps on the checkout page. Don’t forget to add the options for social login and guest checkout to make it an even easier process.


Customer retention is very important in order to grow a sustainable business. Keep in mind that winning new customers is important but maintaining relationships with the existing customers should also be a high priority.


Tracking the performance of your ecommerce website periodically is vital to improve the area where you are lacking. Analytics also plays an important role in decision making and assessing the performance of your website.

Follow the above mentioned tips, work upon the magic blocks strategically and make your ecommerce business stand out amongst the rest!


By Michael Thomas, Digital Marketing Manager at Vebology

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