With Christmas just around the corner, savvy digital marketers are investing in getting their websites and all online presences ready in the most appropriate way for their business and audience.

For some businesses, this might be as simple as adding some Christmas contact details to the site to make it possible for visitors during the period the office is closed to still get what they need.

For ecommerce businesses, the potential of the festive shopping season is so great that preparations likely started months in advance. If yours is a business which sells products online, here are six things you can do to boost your sales this Christmas.

1) Create an experience

Picture the scene. It’s the Christmas market in your town or city. People are milling around, enjoying mulled wine, browsing the stalls, everyone looking for the perfect present for their loved ones and soaking up the festive atmosphere.

One of the biggest challenges for ecommerce businesses is mirroring the offline experience with something equally appealing, to capture new customers and put them in the festive (read: buying) mood.

Think about your ecommerce site and how you can create a more festive look. Consider adding festive banners to your homepage. Also look at how your products are displayed; if you’re selling clothes and all the models are stood in glorious sunshine, it might not evoke the wintery Christmas magic that might entice buyers to convert.

2) Cross sell, upsell, inspire

Walk down your local high street at this time of year and you’ll notice the increase in sales and promotions showcased in every shop window.

Christmas is a time of buying for other people, so the chances that your shoppers know exactly what they want are slim. This is where ecommerce stores can really drive revenue - cross sell, upsell and inspire your customers.

This means using tools such as ‘people also bought’ or ‘you might also like’ to upsell more products, and special Christmas promotions.

It’s also worth creating category pages within your shop to group items, for example, by recipient (‘gifts for men’) or by theme (‘sports gifts’). As well as helping to inspire your customers, there’s clear SEO benefit in this too if you can pin down keywords which are relevant to your customers and for which you can develop your rankings to drive new traffic.

Using PPC to promote your products? Dynamic countdown ads are a great way to inspire quick action as they show when your promotions end, or when the last date for Christmas delivery is approaching.

3) Extend your hours

If you are running adverts through a platform such as Google AdWords, you’re likely using time of day adjustments (or should be doing) to put out your ads at the times people are most likely to convert. You should extend the hours that your ads are showing over during the festivities as it’s likely people will be shopping much longer hours - and don’t neglect the lunchtime shoppers either, as it’s not uncommon for people to be shopping online during their lunch break at work in a rush to get all the presents in time!

You should also adjust your budgets on advertising during this time of year, which is typically more competitive and therefore your maximum cost per click (CPC) bids will need to be higher.

If you’re using a tool such as Google Analytics to measure what your website visitors do, use this to review the trends from previous years and make calculated assumptions based on how people have behaved in the past.


By Liam Wade, PPC Manager at Impression

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