Nearly three quarters (74%) of UK marketing managers are already, or will be, livestreaming as part of their sales and marketing strategy in 2018, according to research by Purch.

The survey, conducted independently by OnePoll, also revealed that marketing managers in the UK are switching on to the voice interface with 42% of respondents saying it was on their marketing roadmap for next year. Only 18% of those asked had no immediate plans to integrate a voice interface in their strategy with a significant 8% already having designed a voice aspect into their operations.

Augmented and virtual reality are clearly on top of the agendas for most marketers in the UK. 72% of those asked were planning to use augmented and virtual reality as part of their marketing strategy in 2018 and nearly 10% already have a functioning augmented or virtual reality aspect to their campaigns.

The only future technology that appeared to divide marketers was blockchain. Nearly a fifth of respondents did not know what blockchain was (19%) while 3% said they would never consider implementing strategies relating to the technology and 33% said not for the foreseeable future. Only 3% had any blockchain based technologies in operation and 10% had started planning for its advent.

The survey also revealed attitudes of marketers to the ‘see now buy now’ generation of consumers and for technology purchases, 27% of respondents said that when consumers see technology they are interested in, they want to buy immediately and seamlessly from the place where it was seen online. However, 25% of marketers also noted that with technology purchases reviews were significantly important and if a consumer is able to research their product of choice well, they will wait up to a week before buying.

Andrea Baden-Semper, vice president of Purch EMEA, said: “As new technologies proliferate ever faster into consumer buying habits, we wanted to gain a sense of how quickly UK marketing managers were taking up their implementation and, crucially, which technologies they were betting on to enter mainstream buying habits fastest. We were very impressed with the level of uptake for virtual and augmented reality, as well as live streaming and voice interfaces. 2018 promises to be a year of significant change in the way marketers are approaching their customers.”


By Jonathan Davies, editor, Digital Marketing Magazine

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