Traackr, a leading global Influencer Marketing (IM) platform, has announced the launch of its Academy of Influencer Marketing (AIM); a first-of-a-kind multimedia e-learning course that aims to educate marketing professionals about the fundamental pillars and how to leverage the exceptional commercial scope of successful Influencer Marketing practice.

The comprehensive course provides a range of expert insights and a complete overview of all essential elements of Influencer Marketing practice, interviews, case studies and white papers providing a framework for optimal execution and ROI.

Nielsen quotes that today’s consumer 'trust' is based primarily on authoritative content (peer recommendations, bloggers and reviews) (51 per cent) and Traackr have identified that only 3 per cent of people drive a staggering 90 per cent of online conversation on any given topic.

Traackr has also found that Influencer Marketing is today the only means by which brands can truly harness relationships with connected consumers, build equity and deliver tangible marketing impact.

This has led to a huge and growing interest in Influencer Marketing. According to Google Trends, search interest has doubled from 2014 to 2015 and already risen 30 per cent so far this year. Among its clients, Traackr has seen leading brands increase investment up to 10 times year on year, from hundreds of thousands to millions of US dollars in Influencer Marketing.

However, Traackr has observed that initial Influencer Marketing efforts too often fail do so due to a huge deficiency in understanding and skills in the new practice leading to poor program execution.

Traackr’s vision for the future of marketing was instrumental in creating the Influencer Marketing category and has led the way for brands to optimise their investment therein. Its innovative technology and advanced professional services that support customer execution stand alone in providing marketers with an all-in-one Influencer Marketing solution and the industry’s most extensive and strategic set of capabilities.

Academy of Influencer Marketing (AIM)

Devised by Traackr and global IM professional, trainer and educator, Shonali Burke, the Academy of Influencer Marketing aims to raise the game and skill set of forward-thinking marketers and drive education and innovation in Influencer Marketing practice.

AIM will equip marketers with industry leading tools, the vision and know-how to achieve best practice and successfully navigate the increasingly fragmented digital landscape.

The course brings together unique expert insights and step-by-step guidance through Traackr’s 4 pillars of strategic Influencer Marketing practice: accurate influencer identification, influencer engagement, program scaling and accurate measurement. It provides a pathway through the key pitfalls and barriers to optimal Influencer Marketing execution, management and scalability. It demonstrates how to ensure and evidence best ROI and performance through every element of this powerful new marketing practice.

Pierre-Loic Assayag, CEO, Traackr, said: 

“Marketers understand the strategic benefit that Influencer Marketing is already bringing to them and the essential role it will play in the future growth of their business. We decided to invest in helping all marketers, not just our customers, get smarter about Influencer Marketing; AIM is a learning platform to equip them with tools and best practices to make better decisions and acquire the proficiency a marketer needs to succeed with Influencer Marketing.”

He continued: “As an emerging new marketing practice, success in influencer marketing requires a continual eye to optimising one’s program and driving cultural change through the broad application of the discipline”.

Shonali Burke said:

“I see new entrants into the Influencer Marketing space every day, and people are tossing the phrase around like confetti...without a solid understanding of what it takes. It's definitely the 'hot' new thing, which means it's critical to provide quality educational resources for clients and practitioners alike. That's what we're doing with AIM."

Traackr is the fastest growing global Influencer Marketing platform with influencers tracked across 17 social platforms and more than 2,600 enterprise and agency users. The platform is available across 11 searchable languages and already indexing content in 45 languages. Traackr’s current client list extends to 150 global customers who are running 1,900 active influencer campaigns and registering 2,100 influencer searches per day.

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