Flipboard has announced a data breach after discovering that hackers had unauthorised access to the platform’s user data for over nine months.

News aggregator Flipboard has announced that between June 2nd, 2018 and March 23rd, 2019 and from April 21st to the 22nd 2019, the company’s databases suffered a breach.

In a statement Flipboard said:

“We recently identified unauthorized access to some of our databases containing certain Flipboard users’ account information, including account credentials. In response to this discovery, we immediately launched an investigation and an external security firm was engaged to assist.”

“The databases involved contained some of our users’ account information, including name, Flipboard username, cryptographically protected password and email address.”

Fortunately Flipboard used salted hashing to protect passwords thus making it much more difficult for attackers to crack then, however, those credentials created or changed before March 14th, 2012 are protected with a less secure algorithm than the current bcrypt.

Flipboard has reset all users’ passwords and has disconnected tokens used to connect all third-party accounts, and replaced or deleted all digital tokens where applicable.

The breach did not involve social security numbers or other government-issued IDs, bank account, credit card, or other financial information. Flipboard has notified law enforcement of the security breach.

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