- 31 March 2017, 08:30 in News

SIINDA Acquires LOCAL SEARCH TODAY! and Yellow Search TODAY! Activities

SIINDA, one of the fastest growing media, digital media, search and data non-profit organisations, has acquired the activities of LOCAL SEARCH TODAY! and Yellow Search TODAY!, which organise a range of workshops and conferences.

Kimberli Lewis, general manager of SIINDA, said: “We have always been impressed by the Yellow Search TODAY! and LOCAL SEARCH TODAY! events and we believe that taking over these activities will enhance and strengthen the very popular...

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- 11 April 2019, 14:33 in News

241 tickets at European Data Protection Summit

For a limited time only, tickets to the European Data Protection Summit are available to...

- 29 March 2017, 09:00 in News

Over a Third of What we Consume Online is Content we Didn’t Set Out to Find

Consumers appear to be more open to discovering new content than ever before, after new...

- 28 March 2017, 08:30 in News

The Top 10 Most Highly Sought Roles in Digital Marketing

The world of digital marketing is constantly changing and evolving. New roles are emerging as companies adapt to new customer habits and strive to...

- 22 March 2017, 09:00 in News

Advertisers Seek Closer Relationships with Fewer Suppliers

Nearly two-thirds (62%) of advertisers are shifting towards stronger relationships with fewer suppliers as the move towards on-site and in-house...

- 22 March 2017, 07:30 in News

Social Followers Won’t Share it if it isn’t PG

Marketers should look beyond their own target market and consider their consumers’ social media audiences’ potential reaction to their...

- 13 March 2017, 07:30 in News

Digitisation Drives Sales and Marketing Partnership, but Business Yet to Catch Up

Nearly all senior business decision makers (92%) believe sales and marketing teams should work closely together, but 64% say they could be more...

- 2 March 2017, 07:30 in News

Half of Marketers Feel Disconnected with the C-Suite

Marketers feel the need to speak to language of the boardroom if they are to demonstrate the value of martech to the bottom line, according to...

- 1 March 2017, 08:00 in News

UK Media Planners Turn to Mobile Video

Over half of UK media buyers and planners are now using mobile video in their advertising campaigns, exceeding the number using TV. Fifty-one per...

- 28 February 2017, 07:30 in News

Advertisers are Failing to Lead on Media

Media is viewed as a complex headache by advertisers who are failing to provide leadership in this critical investment area, according to a new...

- 22 February 2017, 07:30 in News

One in Ten Marketers Admit Email Campaigns Aren't Relevant

Email remains ‘important’ or ‘very important’ for the majority (95%) of marketers, but less than one in 10 (9%) say all their...

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