Sometimes B2B lead generation is never an easy process as it generally seems to be. A successful B2B strategy will mean having more than a handful lead generation tactics increasing the ROI.

Studies have shown that 28% of B2B marketers generally use five to nine content marketing tactics driving more leads, while 64% report using more than nine. B2B lead generation campaigns do take a lot of time and consistent effort while getting good contacts. They take up your resources and you need to ensure you are not carried away. If concentrating on all resources in just generating leads and not converting, them it then does not help. Given below are the top 8 lead generation ideas to find new customers.

Blogging and newsletters

Capture your leads by giving them an opportunity to sign up for your blog subscription content. Exchanging their emails through fresh or weekly content is worth it for someone who is looking for expertise and education. Having a subscription form in your blog is an important step, if you wish to generate leads through content.

Having blogs through well managed content will also help increasing traffic at ease. Optimise your blogs in such a way that people are easily able to find it. Also request others to share it. The more you have people to engage for your marketing audience the better it is. This also helps to rank well in terms of SEO.

Differentiate with content

Content marketing reigns supreme as one of the best B2B lead generation strategies even today, but only when you differentiate it. The tone of voice, the niche that you choose, the visual appearance of your blog, the way you organise your webinars/seminars are some of the best examples you can differentiate from your competitors.

Seminars and webinars

One of the most important tactics involved in the B2B lead generation environments is through webinars and seminars. When a prospect gets to see and hear you providing some valuable advice, it shows you have an answer for the challenges they are facing at present. Some of the best examples you can consider are the Duct Tape Marketing consultants Vicki James and Kevin Jordan.

Play with surveys

As said above, one of the biggest challenges faced by the B2B industries is generating high quality leads. One of the most popular methods used today are lead scoring and progressive profiling, helping marketing teams build a lead generation machine. It takes time to come up with the right marketing strategy, choosing the right marketing automation software.

Surveys through leads help you achieve three important things:

- Getting insights for A/B testing for the marketing team.
- Treating prospect objections in real time.
- Getting more and more information to get deals closed.

Pop up surveys help in generating more than 25% of leads on the same traffic for Provident. The entire process helped in determining the buyer’s personas gaining some hot leads for their business.


Testimonials are considered to be important because they tell your customers what others think about you and your products and services. Having testimonials will not only help in the entire process of lead generation, but also helps in gaining trust of your clients and customers.

A new visitor or user to your business is your potential customer, as he has no knowledge and has a zero trust for brand. By having testimonials added on your website there is basic trust established. In short they are unbiased endorsements giving your product, service or company a great deal of credibility.

Free trials

Who does not love free offers? That’s what I thought-no one. Offering a free trial on your products and services is one of the best ways of capturing leads, eventually nurturing them into paying customers. If there is no obligation, it’s one of the best ways to get potential leads who say yes.


What other better ways you can use to help people find your website than through SEO. This is one of the best ways of making your website search engine friendly. Do note that you need to optimize the entire website for best results and not just a particular page of your website.

If you do not spend enough resources to SEO proof your website, then search engines cannot help you in ranking well or categorise your website with relevant keywords. You do require both on page and off page SEO. Remember your SEO strategy will have to be unique. In short the more you SEO proof your website the more customers will know about your company.


FAQ’s are one of the best ways of engaging people towards your website. People come to your website with many questions in their mind. Can this company help me solving the problem? Will this product or service be of value to me? Who else have they done businesses with? The responsibility lies in your website to answer the required questions. Granted you cannot anticipate all the questions. This is where an opportunity comes where the process of generating leads into the play. Having a form that enables his or her to send their query to you. Of course he or she will have to fill in the contact details.

To conclude, by making use of these eight lead generation strategies, especially using them in concert, you can create powerful marketing plans, helping you get quality leads, effectively marketing your products and services transforming those leads into repeat customers.


By Robert Smith, marketing manager at Ampliz


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