Email marketing is an area of marketing which does not suffer from a lack of resources. As a marketer and content manager, the sheer volume of email marketing tips, tricks and guides can be intimidating. Until you start reading them, that is. Unfortunately, a lot of these guides are simply rehashes of the same old stuff: know your audience, be informative, send your messages at the right time.

We’re also well into 2015: these are things that every email marketer should know and be acting upon in their daily work. For this article I’ve tried to bring some applicable and useful tips to the table, with metrics and techniques that can actually make an impact on email marketing.

Read time

All too often email marketers get absorbed in making a very attractive and informative message. The problem with this is that the time readers spend on a single message is miniscule. HubSpot breaks down email performance into three categories based on the time they were open for:

Glanced at: 0-2 seconds
Skimmed: 2-8 seconds
Read: 8+ seconds

What this tells us is that you have under ten seconds to communicate your message and drive your reader to take action. Because of this, your message should be clear, concise and be placed front and centre within your content. There’s no point burying that call-to-action (CTA) button down at the bottom of your email - most of your readers will not get that far.

Smarter segments

Who are those mysterious people who use your product or engage with your content? Where are they? How do they arrive at your site, and are there regional differences in the way they use your product or the way they want to be communicated with? These are the questions you need to be able to answer.

By tracking, segmenting, and messaging customers differently, you can better personalise messages and improve lead conversions. Even something small like a content recommendation based on online behaviour or region-appropriate spelling can influence your site conversion success.

According to Act-On Blog, “Segmentation, personalisation, recommendations, and the inclusion of custom database fields in email copy drive 360% higher conversion than a generic email message with a personalised salutation.”

Nurture leads

Limited-time sales emails and newsletters are not all there is to email marketing. Often you’ll have a segment of prospects on your list warmer than most, but not quite ready to pass on to sales. In this situation, thought leadership content would be much more effective.

Teach your readers about your company, what you provide, your company’s position and outlook on the wider market. Not every prospect is going to buy your product or service immediately, but by collecting their names and email addresses you can continue to keep the conversation going by sending them content you know they’re interested in.


By Warren Duff, Content Marketing Manager at SendGrid

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