Quality leads can be hard to acquire, therefore when a customer buys in to your brand it is imperative you do everything within your power to keep them interested in your product or services.

Where traditional methods such as impersonal call centres used to be sufficient enough to keep things ticking over, with new innovations in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) it is now easier than ever to ensure that you’re following a process that will boost your business and show you the results from any costly marketing campaigns.


To start with, you need people that are actually interested in your business. Rather than harbouring purchased data that is not qualified, ensure that you attract people who are in the buying process and build a relationship with those whom you wish to buy in to your brand. This can be done through a variety of traditional marketing methods but also through more modern routes that can give you a more natural lead such as social media call-to-actions, email newsletter sign ups, and any downloads that you have available on your website such as eBooks or pdfs. Having call-to-actions on all of your marketing material will enable potential leads to connect to your business.


Once someone acts upon the material you publish you can track their activity via a CRM. This data can then be segmented in order to target your leads needs specifically. Many of these actions taken by potential leads can all be filtered into a CRM system so that you have their contact details to work from.

Acquiring and then nurturing your leads in this way will give you “hot leads” that have proved an interest in your service or product, and give you better opportunities to retain their interest, improving your conversion rate.

Knowing and understanding the specific needs of potential customers will enable you to tailor a campaign that will generate an action.

Sending them inspiring content can engage them to take further action, and give you a path to talk about business.

Showing your ability to see each client as an individual rather than another number, will increase your lead conversion rates more than any traditional form of marketing and give a personal user experience.


Of course once you’ve switched that lead to a customer, the true hard work begins in retaining them.

Having knowledge of the things that trigger a reaction with a customer is a key element in keeping them informed and active. Monitor their activity and the industry you’re in. For example, by split A/B testing email campaigns you can monitor and analyse what works best and replicate it in the future. Using a CRM system, you will be able to see which one has worked the best, and therefore create a more productive campaign. Monitoring response rates and the analytics of your customer activity will be the fuel for a successful business.

If you feel daunted by adding technology to your traditional lead process, you only have to see the benefits it can have on start-ups. A record breaking 581,173 businesses were registered in 2014, showing an accelerated growth.

With many various CRM solutions now available on the market, always do your research first to ensure that you are choosing the right fit for your team and the company’s needs. There are various articles available online which can help to explain the comparisons of systems and the benefits they can provide.

The average marketing spend in the UK is up to £24,000. For all the money that is being spent on marketing to gain those leads, make sure you have the tools to keep them.


By Anna Morrish at DMC Software

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