We’ve all been there; heart in mouth and huge bulge in throat as it dawns on us we copied in the very person we were ranting about in a less than favourable email conversation. *Head in hands*

So, imagine for a second if such heart-stopping, lobster face-inducing horror was multiplied by 10. Or maybe even 10,000. That’s what it feels like to hit ‘send’ on a company email destined for a customer base of potentially thousands.

The fact is, even the most seasoned of marketers has done it – and it doesn’t matter that you’ve checked and re-checked the content of such email almost as many times as your mailing list has subscribers. You know that the millisecond your email whooshes off into cyberspace to land in the inboxes of your previously engaged customer base, you’ll notice the error of all errors. We’ve compiled a list of just some of them, including a handy ‘arggh, what do I do now?’ section to ensure you’re well equipped to deal with anything that comes your way.

1. You Priced Your Products Too Low – you know your brand inside out, but a mad panic to hit ‘send’ on that email ahead of deadline forced you to rush the content. A quick glance back at the email (post-sending – it’s always the way, isn’t it?) revealed you had, in fact, mixed up last week’s offer price with the current, recommended retail one. Ouch – that’s gotta hurt.

Arggh, what do I do now? The absolute worst thing you can do in this situation is withdraw the offer; customers will lose all trust in you in the long-run, especially if they’ve bagged a real bargain. Instead, own up but honour the deal anyway. But do take down the low prices as soon as possible so as to minimise further damage. In future, proofread, proofread and proofread again!

2. You Ignored Your Campaign Reports – Remember the school reports you received during primary and secondary school? They offered your parents an honest picture of your performance – and campaign results work in much the same way. If you ignore the findings, how else are you supposed to improve? So many marketers, who’ve invested time and money into email-sending, tracking and reporting services, skip this vital step. But it really is the only way you can effectively tailor your content in the future. Send out a misinformed email and you’re likely to frustrate your customer base. Don’t do it.

Arrgh, what do I do now? It’s important not to let pride take over. If your tried and not-too-trusted email format isn’t working, admit defeat and try something else. Always base it on the results of your campaigns and you shouldn’t go far wrong.

3. You Sent Thousands of Emails to an Inactive List – There are few things worse (in your day-to-day work, at least) than spending hours on a project only for your hard work to fast prove a waste of time. While this isn’t quite the ‘lobster-face, never set foot in the office again’ scenario we discussed before, sending thousands of carefully-crafted sales emails to an inactive list is about as effective as digging a hole in the ground with a toothpick. Don’t try it, it won’t work.

Arggh, what do I do now? If you’ve already committed the email-related crime, we’re afraid you’ll most certainly have to do the time. Which in your case is time spent wondering why on earth you wasted all the hours thinking up that winning subject line and body copy. Avoid making the same mishap by instead signing up to a dedicated email-sending service which can help you organise those customers who are engaged from those that are…well…enraged.

Note: there’s nothing worse than the feeling you’ve aggravated a once loyal subscriber.


By Lauren Holden, Communications at INK Digital Agency

Do you have anu great advice for avoiding errors with your emails? Let us know below! 

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