Nearly a third (30%) of marketers describe their branded content as "inconsistent", according to a survey conducted by Sandstorm and Amplified Business Content. 

The research revealed that 50% of the content produced each year has been adapted from a master campaign making the need for the “big idea” to be on brief and appropriate vital. Forty per cent of those surveyed said execution is the most challenging aspect of the campaign, followed a close second by 35% who find creative tricky.

Six out of 10 campaigns are briefed and delivered within just four weeks, making campaign planning and a good brief essential.

Other highlights include: 

1. One in 5 confirm that photography remains a vital part of their brand content mix
2. 51% stated that most of their brand content is produced in house
3. Nearly 25% of video production was outsourced to agencies, followed by 21% of photography work, proving that marketers recognise that content often requires specialist expertise and knowledge not available in house
4. The study also found that 60% were responsible for all European marketing and 10% responsible for entire global marketing showing the challenges faced adapting campaigns across multiple territories.
5. Over 40% have had their own in house resource for five years
6. Some 33 per cent admitted they outsource work to agencies due to lack of time

In response to these findings, Sandstorm launched The Masterclass Sessions, a set of hands-on courses, hosted at Sandstorm’s film production studios. Within a week of launching they were all fully booked, in fact, the demand has been so high that Sandstorm has now announced they are taking their Masterclass Sessions direct to the offices of marketers and their teams for FREE.

These hands-on workshops are ideal for any marketer who currently uses video content in their marketing mix or plans to incorporate it in the near future. A FREE half day workshop in their office provides a collaborative environment to equip them with the skills needed to solve the ever-growing challenges facing the creation and implementation of video, photography, and audio content. Marketers bring their challenges and Sandstorm will provide the solutions. The Masterclass Session covers:

• Hints and tips to improve efficiency and keep costs under control
• Tackling issues and challenges faced by marketers when creating content
• Best practice for content production – video, photography and location
• Jargon-busting session – get behind the tech speak
• Effective budgeting and contingency
• Guides to the perfect brief
• Future proofing your campaigns

Where: At the work place of brand marketing teams

When: Dates are subject to the availability of the team and the client and are intended to run until December 2017. This enables marketers to get hands-on, hassle-free training in small groups without having to leave the office, in order to discover the exciting new innovations available to turn campaigns into something spectacular.

To reserve your slot or enquire about dates and availability contact Jason Dollery at Sandstorm on

For more information on the Masterclass Sessions, click here.


By Jonathan Davies, editor, Digital Marketing Magazine

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