Content marketing software is the collective name for tools and platforms that inform, manage and measure the content marketing process: Plan, Create, Publish and Measure. They are normally SaaS based.

We’ve used the term software but content marketing tools and content marketing platforms, as far as this resource is concerned, fall inside the same category although you could argue that there are subtle differences.

You’ll see from the list, which believe it or not is a fraction of the total number of tools and platforms available, that there is a lot of software to know in order to be a content marketer. Not to mention the increasingly capable add-on capabilities of Google’s Mail, Sheets, Docs and Presentation applications.

The content management marketing software you’ll have had experience of and will want to get to know to a large extent is a function of your career path, experience and direction. It’s certainly an advantage to know what each is capable of, how they fit into the content marketing process and how they might help you become a better and more effective content marketer, creating your own content marketing software pick'n'mix.

Content management systems

A content management system is a software application or set of related programs that are used to create and manage digital content. Popular examples of CMS systems are:

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS system with 51% of the world’s websites using it in 2016. It’s open-source and has a developed template and developer marketplace and over 47,000 plugins that allow websites to be created, customised and maintained with ease.

Drupal is the world’s second most popular CMS. It’s open source, easy to install and develop websites with, and has a mature developer marketplace and over 35,000 modules to help you extend your website’s functionality.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a premium, Adobe owned, content management system that’s based on Java. It features heavily on being channel agnostic, capable to power your web, app and multi-device environments.

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By Collette Easton, founder of Molecule Agency

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