Mobile ad spending in the UK will reach almost £7 billion this year to represent more than a third (36.6%) of UK media ad investment, according to eMarketer's latest UK ad spending forecast.

Overall digital ad spend will grow 11.0% in 2017 to £10.89 billion, accounting for 57.9% of total media ad spend. Mobile will drive much of this growth as consumers continue to spend increasingly more time with smartphones. eMarketer expects further gains in mobile ad spending in the years to come.

Increases expected for 2017 will follow a year in which digital ad spend in the UK passed a tipping point, with mobile surpassing desktop ad investment for the first time. In 2016, mobile ad outlays soared by 49.5% to £5.40 billion, compared with £4.41 billion devoted to desktop efforts.

Google will garner the largest share of UK digital ad revenues in 2017, amassing 40.7%, followed by Facebook, which will take a 16.4% slice, eMarketer predicts.

eMarketer’s UK senior analyst Bill Fisher, said: “Google still attracts the lion’s share of digital ad spend in the UK. However, Facebook is seeing strong growth thanks to investments in video and a stellar performance from Instagram.”


By Jonathan Davies, editor, Digital Marketing Magazine

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