- 8 June 2020, 10:09 in Customer Experience

How empathy, ahead of tech, will be the key driver of business recovery post-coronavirus

With organisations across the world beginning to show the first signs of emerging from the lockdown, the strategy to help business recovery is at the forefront of every decision maker's mind. For the first time in a while, businesses should step away from technology and replace it with empathy, and lean into an ongoing, rapid process of human insights gathered from customers. An ability to understand and adapt to evolving...

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- 15 June 2020, 08:00 in Customer Experience

5G will advance all of society as we know it

“2020 is the year of 5G.” How many times have we heard that phrase, or...

- 19 March 2020, 11:42 in Customer Experience

5 Big Benefits of Data and Analytics for Positive Business Outcomes

Today, businesses can collect data along every point of the customer journey. This information might...

- 16 March 2020, 12:32 in Customer Experience

All Change for the CXO

Go back ten or 15 years, and the role of CXO, or Customer Experience Officer to give it its full title, was regarded as one of those unconventional...

- 25 February 2020, 12:26 in Customer Experience

How brands can close the Customer Experience gulf in 2020

Personalised customer online shopping experiences have always been something of a holy grail. According to research carried out by management...

- 12 February 2020, 06:30 in Customer Experience

Customer Data Platforms, what’s coming next?

The collection and mining of customer data has become an essential component of most businesses marketing strategies. According to a report from...

- 11 February 2020, 11:02 in Customer Experience

How will AI continue to improve the customer experience in 2020?

How will AI continue to improve the customer experience in 2020?

- 17 January 2020, 14:11 in Customer Experience

Four key steps to improve your customer experience management efforts

In my previous article I shared the three main challenges that brands face when putting in place a customer experience management (CXM) strategy....

- 16 January 2020, 12:08 in Customer Experience

Challenges that hinder customer experience management strategies

To remain relevant and competitive in today’s ever-evolving marketing landscape, businesses of all sizes and industries are undertaking...

- 27 September 2019, 09:44 in Customer Experience

The Power of Digital in Customer Experience

With consumer expectations at an all-time high, customer experience is more important than ever before for all businesses, regardless of size or sector. In order to meet these customer expectations, many organisations are choosing to implement digital-first strategies – creating a competitive advantage by embracing the power of AI and machine learning.

- 18 April 2018, 08:00 in Customer Experience

Why your Business can not Ignore Evolving Customer Personas

In order for businesses to stay ahead of the game and continue their success, they have to keep up with customer habits, behaviours and trends. This...

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