In order to assist contributors to create compelling content which will be consumed by our audience we have complied the following editorial guidelines.

We have kept our editorial guidelines very short, because the intention the Digital Marketing Magazine is to be a platform through which a contributor can express ideas, in their own style.

Although there is no strict word count for submissions to the Digital Marketing Magazine, as a general example most contributions tend to be in the region of 300-800 words.

The remit of the Digital Marketing Magazine is to be a source of; ideas, information and advice alongside the Digital Marketing Show, provided by expert contributors and practitioners.

The content of the editorial must therefore add value to their business either now or in the future and the tone must be objective and ‘sales-free’.

Our primary concern is that our readers engage with our articles and therefore it is essential that they deliver clear benefits.

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If you’d like to submit an article for consideration for the Digital Marketing Magazine please email our editors.

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