Monday marked the 2nd anniversary of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Over the past couple of years, the new data protection law aimed to tighten the out of date rights of individuals to give them back control of their data. Since its introduction in May 2018, it has influenced the global landscape of business, data protection, privacy and beyond with more and more data protection laws being introduced across the world.

Join subject matter experts today as they discuss some of the hot topics in data protection and cyber security at the free to attend monthly virtual event, Last Thursday in Privacy.

Last Thursday in Privacy May 28th Agenda

  • 7am (BST UK)– Taking a Proactive Approach to Data Privacy in APAC
  • 8am (BST UK)– Contact Tracing Apps: Privacy and Security Concerns from Across the Globe
  • 9am (BST UK)– Why should we care about privacy anyway?
  • 10am (BST UK)– Ivana Bartoletti in conversation with Joe Tidy, Cyber Security Correspondent, BBC News: An Artificial Revolution + Third-Party Risk: Critical Requirements for Benchmarking Your Business & Supply Chain
  • 11am (BST UK)– Phishing and Cybercrime: Current Trends and Challenges + GDPR: What have we Learned 2 years on and What’s Next?
  • 12pm (BST UK) – Cookies and Consent Compliance: How to collect, store & deploy personal data through web trackers + Enterprise Data Storage: Best Practice and Management
  • 1pm (BST UK) – Coping with Ransomware Attacks that Make the Headlines + Don’t Pay The Bad Guys
  • 2pm (BST UK)– Re-defining Cybersecurity Awareness and Stopping Email Data Breaches: A Reality for Today or a Task for Tomorrow?
  • 3pm (BST UK)– Biometric Data under GDPR: Employees Privacy Concerns in the Age of Covid-19 and Leveraging Retail Customer Data: Navigating the Conflict Between Achieving Compliance and Staying Competitive
  • 4pm (BST UK) – Recovering from a Breach: Back up, Recovery, Learnings and Best Practice and Top 10 takeaways from GDPR on the 2 year anniversary
  • 5pm (BST UK) – The New Reality: Will Covid-19 have a long lasting and transformative impact on the cybersecurity industry?
  • 6pm (BST UK)– US Data Privacy: Perspectives across Industries
  • 7pm (BST UK) – Nation States Attacks APT41 and Ransomware during COVID-19 – view from the Cyber Emergency Room Operations and Data Protection Is Everyone’s Job, so It’s No One’s Job
  • 8pm (BST UK)– Creating a Risk Framework for Healthcare 3rd Parties Amid Covid-19

In addition to live webinars, you also have access to eBooks, whitepapers, forums and more, that have been produced by global subject matter experts in data protection, privacy, and cybersecurity.

Register here for each session you would like to attend. Even if you can’t make the live session, registering will ensure you can access the on-demand version as well.

PrivSec Conferences will bring together leading speakers and experts from privacy and security to deliver compelling content via solo presentations, panel discussions, debates, roundtables and workshops.
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