- 3 March 2020, 11:19 in GDPR

Facial recognition: compliance in the age of GDPR

Facial recognition is a growing phenomenon but one that presents a potential minefield for companies who are collecting and using personal information. With enhanced consumer rights and responsible data stewardship at the forefront of everyone’s minds, understanding how facial recognition fits with the GDPR principles of transparency, Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default has never been more important.

Last year, there were a number of revelations about the use of...

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- 20 November 2019, 14:52 in Data

How Data is Becoming the Lynchpin at the Very Heart of Businesses

According to Gartner, transforming into a digital business is the number one priority for most...

- 2 March 2020, 11:14 in GDPR

Data protection and Trust

Since GDPR was introduced in 2018, it’s now easier to see how the regulation is...

- 6 February 2020, 11:24 in GDPR

How GDPR brought email marketing to new heights

Between summer 2016 and summer 2018, marketers of all stripes found themselves in a worrisome position. After a series of high-profile data breaches...

- 19 November 2019, 06:30 in GDPR

Businesses’ Ongoing Efforts for Data Privacy

GDPR may have come into effect a year and a half ago, but the issue of privacy remains the most important aspect of data management. Despite...

- 29 October 2019, 09:00 in GDPR

Learning the lessons from others’ GDPR failures

When it comes to GDPR, there are typically two kinds of approaches that firms take. There are those with a strong, proactive approach to compliance,...

- 16 September 2019, 10:28 in GDPR

Increased consumer control the key GDPR benefit influencing the customer experience

A year on from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance deadline, long gone is the stream of emails asking for consent, and to some...

- 21 March 2019, 06:00 in GDPR

EDPB draft guidelines on the territorial scope of the GDPR

On 23 November 2018, the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) issued draft guidelines (Guidelines) on the extraterritorial scope of the General Data...

- 19 March 2019, 10:00 in GDPR

GDPR: Are you in the know?

2018 stood as the year for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The regulation came into full force on the 25th May overturning compliance...

- 4 March 2019, 11:13 in GDPR

Misuse of children’s data attracts record fine in the US

US video-sharing app, TikTok, has been given a $5.7m (£4.3m) fine for failing to safeguard the privacy of children. The Federal Trade Commission...

- 25 February 2019, 11:48 in GDPR

Cyber security chiefs call for more knowledge about Huawei security threat

British cyber-security agency, GCHQ has said that the dangers and opportunities of using Chinese technology must be understood before decisions are...

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