The impact of mobile devices on marketing practices has been no secret. Major players are investing heavily in optimising content for mobile devices as more consumers pick up their smartphone for completing tasks such as online banking, shopping and planning holidays. Recent research from Adobe Analytics Cloud revealed marketers have never been better at delivering mobile experiences, which goes some way to explaining why 50% of European traffic comes from mobile devices.

In 2017, the mobile-savvy customer comes as no surprise. But just how well are we, as marketers (and sales reps), able to use mobile technology to help us do our jobs? Recent research from Priority Software has revealed that mobile productivity is not what it should be, despite marketing and sales employees being some of the most likely employees to work while on-the-go once a week or more (72%). This was topped only by senior management at 74%.

When working from a mobile device, the consensus is that we are being productive. Nearly every (95%) respondent agreed. After all, it’s better to be working from a mobile than not at all, right? However, when we look at the actual business processes and tasks which are being carried out on a device, the results were somewhat surprising. Forty-three per cent of the same respondents highlighted significant barriers to workflow. Over a third (34%) do not have the correct technology to fulfil mobile working potential and 43% cannot perform business-critical functions on a mobile application.

When you drill down into the core business processes which are still being performed on a desktop, the picture does not look good for tasks specifically allocated to sales and marketing. Forty-four per cent can only check reports and approval processes from a desktop, while almost half (47%) rely on a computer to undertake customer care functions or update core business systems.

There's a big appetite for mobility within businesses, and fortunately, there are simple solutions out there to improve efficiency and workflow without being chained to a desk. Traditional ERP and CRM systems often have a reputation for being inflexible and static. However, thanks to the consumerisation of IT, a fair amount of innovation has gone on in recent years which means the functionality to open-up the software to a plethora of devices is now available. With the right vendor, marketers can quickly generate mobile apps tailored to give them access to core functions relevant to their job. What is your experience of working on a mobile device? Let us know in the comments below.


By Efrat Nakibly, VP marketing & strategy at Priority Software

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