Digital marketing used to be the preserve of media giants. Big brands would turn to big agencies to produce big ads, while the work of independents and freelancers was far less recognised. However, a revolution has begun. Freelancers are now the kings of digital content.

Technological advances in media have levelled the playing field. Capturing viewers and attracting customers can now be achieved by producing short form videos, which are more cost-effective to produce and distribute across the increased array of channels. As brands can no longer afford the lengthy and costly procedures associated with the agency model of content production, the market is ripe for independents and freelancers to create innovative and original digital content.

Technology is at the centre of this transformation and its advances that have catalysed two important changes. One is that film equipment is significantly cheaper than ever before, ranging from a digital camera to the most sophisticated kit on the market. Secondly, the rise of online and social media means filmmakers can publish their work instantly for public consumption without any help.

Million-pound contracts used to be the bread and butter of filmmaking as brands commissioned agencies to create their content; what happened in between came under little scrutiny. Now, freelancers offer a far more accountable solution to the brands’ needs, and represent a more effective and streamlined way to produce the volume of content now required to achieve digital cut-through, without having to compromise on quality.

These are exciting times for talented filmmakers.

A sweep of the latest viral videos is testament to the quirky and iconoclastic adverts that go hand-in-hand with this newfound creative freedom. The filmmakers have been liberated and the content is all the more imaginative and eye-catching for it.

Filmmakers have taken note of this increased freedom to locate where they want and collaborate with others around the world. 91% of filmmakers are now working as freelancers, as the industry shifts in order to produce the amount of content demanded by today’s businesses and consumers.

The world of filmmaking is being revolutionise. It is far more meritocratic, offering opportunities to producers on the basis of talent and ingenuity rather than status at an agency and sees the power shift from the few to the many.


By George Olver, co-founder of Movidiam. 

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