It is no secret that the volume of online video content across all platforms is continually on the rise. In fact this year, video will account for 69% of all Internet traffic. With this expectation of rapid growth, what are the video trends brands should be looking to capitalise on in 2017?

Social video, interactivity, and connected TV apps will all mature in 2017, making this a really exciting time for making your video content stand out and create an impact. Below are the top video marketing trends we expect to see develop in 2017 – and how you can tailor your video strategy to make the most of them:

1 - Social video will be essential

2016 was the year that social video really took off on a global scale. Previously Facebook had been a place for friends to connect, share news and make plans. If you encountered a video it was typically user generated, otherwise it was occasional. But last year Facebook became the place people went to watch video. Newsfeeds are now dominated by video, auto-playing as you scroll. And, as Facebook video viewership grew, so too did views on YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat and others.

Going into 2017, social video is what people want, and businesses would be wise to invest time and resources in a social video strategy. Here’s why: nearly three-quarters of all consumers who watch social video make a purchasing decision based on that social video. They are also more likely to recommend a company when they have a positive social video experience and more likely to discourage interacting with a company when they have a negative social video experience. A social video impacts brand perception, so it’s important to get it right.

2 - Richer video experiences will be built through interactivity

The days of differentiating yourself simply by putting a video on your homepage are over – everyone is doing it. So, how will thought leaders differentiate their brand and customer experience in 2017? Adding interactive elements to video content will provide the next level of engagement brands are looking for.

Interactivity can be anything from embedding links to relevant content, adding calls-to-action to convert leads, or creating shoppable video experiences. Interactivity provides relevant, engaging experiences for your target audience. It is the future of how people will interact with video -- just like how links on a web page allow us to go deeper and deeper within a brand’s digital experience.

Furthermore, interactivity provides more touch points for analysis. Your video analytics can be used to reveal even deeper insights about your relationships with your audience by seeing who clicked what and at what time in the video.

3 - Brands will gain (and want) access to the living room again

For the past 60 years, linear television has been the dominant video medium. But now with the rise of new TV products from Apple, Amazon, Android, and Roku brands have the opportunity to extend their reach with video, providing the unique, engrossing experiences that larger screens are uniquely suited for.

Ten years ago we said every brand would be a media publisher. Gaining access to the living room and spurring engagement with interesting branded content distributed via TV apps sees this prediction becoming a reality. London-founded auction house Sotheby's’ developed a new OTT app that explores the international art market to do exactly this. We expect to see a continued rise in the importance and popularity of extending the video experience in new ways in the living room.

4 - Brands will invest in in-house production

Interested in getting the best return on your video investment? Hire and build out an internal video production team to partner with you in a holistic video strategy in 2017. Agency fees can rack up quickly and still require oversight. With all the ways in which we anticipate companies will use video in 2017, these highly skilled individuals will become an increasingly common in-house resource. They will represent your business, brand, and voice in a way that only employees can do. As a core member of your marketing team, these creative professionals will have the insights and opportunity to expand video initiatives across your business.

2017: The year of impactful video innovation

2016 was a year of video innovation and 2017 brings the opportunity to make a real impact with these advancements. This year will be transformative: social networks will be video channels, video experiences will encourage participation, and the TV will renew its importance, while video continues its journey across the enterprise into virtual reality and beyond. 2017 will be full of opportunity and we are excited to see the ways the marketers will make these opportunities a reality.


By Sophie Rayers, EMEA marketing director at Brightcove

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