New research from Lenstore surveyed 2,000 parents across the UK with children aged between 2 and 16, to find out how often children actually use digital devices.

Asking parents what their children can do confidently, the research highlights that 59% of them said their child can confidently work a tablet and 57% said their child can confidently work a mobile phone. However, only 53% said their child can swim and tie their laces, and 50% can tell the time.

In an age where tablets, smartphones and laptops are an integral part of our daily lives, our children are growing up to be more tech-savvy than ever, and technology plays an important part of their ongoing learning and development but we must also be aware of how to do this responsibly. 

See below for the findings on the 'digital diet' of children in the digital age and how it might be impacting their physical health: 

Is Your Child’s Digital Diet Harming Their Eyesight?

By Lenstore


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