When was the last time you bought a decent present for your dad? Never? Yeah, me too.

With Father's Day only a few weeks away (18th June for those that have lost their diaries), for many of us it will be a case of reaching for a nice bottle of plonk, some comedy socks or that time-honoured favourite, the road atlas (ideally bought from a garage forecourt on the way).

Brands could do far more to excite and inspire us around gifting, and with data a few years back showing that shoppers’ spend an average of 75% more on their mums than dads, there is a huge opportunity out there.

But it’s going to take more than a list of top tech gadgets or a few offers to capture our attention. Brands need to rethink how they engage us during these gifting times of the year.

Sure, in the wave of ad blockers, many have opted for content marketing to excite and inspire us around their products. But with recent research finding that 60% of all content created by brands is poor, irrelevant or fails to deliver, is this really the answer?

So first brands need to fix their content. Less is more. Spending more time thinking like a savvy editor to create magazine worthy content which jumps off the page and inspires, whether that is a feature on Dad-friendly BBQ recipes, cocktail guides or first-hand detail of an outdoor experience for a thrill seeking father, is a must do.

Diageo is a great example of a brand grabbing this opportunity. It recently announced a partnership with Amazon on an upcoming video travel series. The five-part travel series, World Class List, follows aspiring musician and drinks enthusiast Carey Watkins as he explores the best of what to see, do, eat and drink in Sydney, Taipei, Barcelona, San Francisco and Mexico City.

But they then took this high-quality content, which is actually interesting and worthy of people’s time, a step further.

Viewers can buy the products mentioned directly from the video via Amazon. Boom, they have connected inspiration to sales, with some clever technology in between. And it’s not just global drinks brands jumping on this bandwagon. We have been working with Inspired Pet Nutrition, the family-run business whose Wagg and Harringtons brands make it the UK’s largest independent producer of dry pet food, to enable shoppers to add their products directly from video content into their online shopping baskets of a retailer of their choice.

Shoppable content marketing will be a game-changer for many brands, and yearly gifting opportunities like Father’s Day provide the perfect excuse to deploy them. Why not create content that is not only inspirational, but actionable?

In the not too distant future, ‘great’ pieces of content will be assessed not on engagement metrics, but on their ability to inspire action. I’m confident that we are on the cusp of a wave: all it takes is for a few bold brands to get it right, and the rest will follow.

So for my dear old mum’s sake, let’s hope brands grab these new opportunities by the time Mother’s Day comes around.


By Richard Kelly, CEO at Adimo

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