Nearly three quarters (72%) of UK mobile ad buyers are maximising the value of mobile data when planning ad campaigns, according to a recent study by ExchangeWire, in association with Verve.

The report shows that the integration of data has directly driven an increase in creative ad formats such as tap to map and smart-rise video - with almost a quarter (22%) of marketers who maximise mobile data using more than four different ad formats, compared to just 3% of marketers who are not.

Marketers are also reaping the rewards from incorporating data into mobile campaign creative, with half (50%) saying it has improved brand awareness, almost a third (30%) saying it has improved direct response, and 14% saying it has improved ROI; compared to just 6% who say they haven’t noticed a difference.

A similar story unfolds when looking at the number of metrics used to evaluate success. One in three (30%) UK mobile ad buyers who maximise the value of mobile data, use four or more success metrics; more than double the 14% of marketers who do not. Clicks are the most common measurement criteria in the group who are not maximising the value of mobile data, cited by two thirds (66%) of respondents, followed by conversions (50%). While the more experienced group also use clicks (49%) and conversions (34%) to evaluate success, they are more likely to refer to other criteria such as viewability (51% vs. 41%), on-target demo verification (37% vs. 10%), and cost per store visit (36% vs. 16%).

Becca Muir, head of research and analysis at ExchangeWire said: “It’s great to see that UK mobile ad buyers are using mobile data to improve creativity. More accurate understanding of consumer mobile consumption is unlocking the use of innovative formats, which are ultimately improving the customer experience.The industry is likely to see huge benefits as a result of better creativity and targeting; most significant being a decease in the use of ad blockers."

“These findings arrive at a great time for the mobile advertising and media landscape” said Ian James, general manager international at Verve.

“As the mobile device sits resolutely at the centre of digital marketing, the importance (and accessibility) of data, is being realised. Unlocking the value of multiple data sets, online and offline, is the future of mobile storytelling – and this requires continued collaboration from the mobile ad buyers. Data is the pivotal tool for brands to get closer to their customers.”

To read the full report please click here.


By Jonathan Davies, editor, Digital Marketing Magazine

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