Apple’s boss, Tim Cook, has underlined his company’s positive data attitudes again by reminding the world of the tech giant’s concern for the privacy of its users.

In a recent interview with ABC, Cook told Diane Sawyer that the state of data collection across the tech sector is caught up in “crisis”, adding, “privacy itself has become a crisis.”

The strong statements come against a backdrop of turmoil for other firms in the industry, with Facebook and Google fighting high-profile battles for data breach transgressions.

Tim Cook emphasised that Apple is not interested in collecting users’ data, simply because that is not their product – Apple’s concern is in selling devices.

“You are not our product. Our products are iPhones and iPads. We treasure your data, we want to help you keep [those data] private and safe,” Cook said.

The tech chief’s words pick up on a tone set at the Time 100 Summit, at which Cook highlighted the need for technology to be “regulated” by the government.

“There are now too many examples where the [lack of regulation] has resulted in a great damage to society,” he said during the conference in April.

Until now, Apple’s business has depended of selling electronic gadgetry and devices in their millions around the world, but the firm is now switching to subscription-based revenues. To illustrate the value of these new cash-streams, Apple Music and Apple Pay accounted for $11.5 billion of the firm’s sales in the last quarter, while iPhone revenue fell in comparison with previous years.

Apple’s new plan will involve introducing new software-focused products, such as Apple TV+, Apple News+, Arcade and a payment card. The company’s drive towards a more data ethical future is helping to illustrate how it is now cool to care for privacy.

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