Those who work with AdWords will no doubt have upgraded to the latest version of AdWords Editor. In this new version of AdWords editor Google have introduced a set of criteria that they think would enhance a campaign’s performance. They are known as ‘rules’.

Essentially ‘Rules’ are a set of minimum requirements that they believe should be applied to your campaigns and ad groups:

• 4 or more sitelink extensions
• 4 or more callout extensions
• At least one call extension
• Target Search Partners
• Automated or enhanced CPC bidding
• Use optimise for clicks/conversions setting for ad rotation
• Even ad delivery – maximise your campaign’s daily budget
• Attach a search audience to your campaign/ad group to help increase ROI
• 3 or more ads – don’t forget standard text ads can’t be created or copied anymore
• Set up conversion tracking
• Set campaigns and ad groups to ‘Target & bid’
• Responsive ads in addition to image ads
• Enable conservative, automatic targeting to increase reach 
• Do not target inactive Search or Display network audiences

Some of these really should be common practice for any account:

• 3 or more ads – If you have only one ad per ad group and you set your campaign to ‘show ads expected to provide more clicks’ it will only show that ad anyway. If you have a minimum of three ads, with different themes you then ascertain which theme is attracting the most and expand your ad copy further

• Sitelinks – Sitelinks not only link to specific site pages but they make your ad bigger, therefore more visible and more likely to attract a click

• Call extensions – while some may not consider them to be as important as the above

However, there are others that should be given some thought rather than just thinking ‘yes’ and implementing them. As I mentioned earlier, these are referred to as ‘rules’, but as they’re not mandatory we’d prefer to think of them as guidelines.

If you have a fairly limited daily budget it may not be a good idea to set your campaign to target and bid; Google will go after new users (basically clicks) which will undoubtedly result in increased spend. In addition, including Search Partners may not be beneficial as it could use up budget unnecessarily.

When you upgrade to the latest version AdWords Editor these rules are automatically enabled and could be distracting if you don’t want to enable any of the settings it recommends. However, you are able to pause these rules so that they don’t constantly present themselves whenever you make changes to your campaigns and ad groups. Just go to your Shared Library and pause them. Bear in mind this isn’t for AdWords Editor as a whole, it’s per account.

Keep in mind that clicks cost money, and unnecessary clicks cost unnecessary money.

Use your judgement to decide whether any or all of these guidelines will present a benefit for your campaigns and ultimately, your client.


By Sher Shah, PPC specialist at Circus PPC

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