The new data protection regulation will disrupt how organisations use and process personal data.

Staff training will be one of the most vital parts of GDPR implementation. Human error is offer stated as the number one cause of a data breach.

Although there are less than two weeks to go until the deadline, GDPR should be seen as a journey rather than merely a destination. This means that the 25th May is not the cut off for implementation. There will still be work cut out for organisations to show that they are actively continuing to be compliant and instill a data privacy culture in their organisations.

The new regulation brings a new sense of responsibility for the workforce. Now it is everybody’s responsibility to ensure personal data is kept secure.

Under the new legislation, Article 5(2) requires that: “the controller shall be responsible for, and be able to demonstrate, compliance with the principles.”

This accountability principle makes you responsible for complying with the GDPR and states that an organisation must demonstrate compliance.

Staff training is one way an organisation can demonstrate compliance and may help mitigate enforcement action. By training staff on GDPR, they will have an understanding of what is required of them and why it is important for everyone to protect personal data in the company.

To provide your staff with training on the new legislation, GDPR Staff Training Courses are available for either a half or full day. Both courses provide a practical and efficient staff training programme, presenting staff of all levels with the knowledge, understanding and practical tools to implement and maintain GDPR compliant processes.

The course can be adapted to cater for all levels of seniority. For more information on the Staff Training Courses,  visit here.

By Tom Davies, features editor, GDPR.Report

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