Today may mark the GDPR deadline, but it is in fact, only the beginning.

As business have been preparing for the new regulation, the fear of fines has often been the main driving force for becoming GDPR compliance. Yet, this shouldn’t be overshadowed by the main focus; to give people back control of their data.

The ICO has stressed that they will not start fining organisations left, right and centre, and Elizabeth Denham has stated that it is the last resort and they are “committed to guiding, advising and educating organisations about how to comply with the law.” However, this does not mean they shouldn’t take the new regulation seriously. The ICO will fine organisations if they are careless with personal data as they have always done.

Just this week alone, the ICO fined Bayswater Medical Centre (BMC) in London for abandoning sensitive information in empty building, the University of Greenwich following a serious security breach involving the personal data of nearly 20,000 people, and last week The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) was fined £325,000 after losing victim interview videos.

Today will not be the end of the road for organisations, they will need to continually keep up to date with developments in data protection and review their processes. There’s no doubt that data protection will continue to shift and evolve as technology develops and there is a shift in attitude toward protecting personal data. Data Protection Magazine aims to provide senior staff within organisations and privacy professionals insight and opinion into the latest developments in data protection.

The first edition was released on Sunday, just a few days before the implementation date. The magazine offers the business generalist rather than the data protection or privacy professional insight and opinion into the latest developments in data protection.

As the partner publication for the Data Protection World Forum, the magazine is currently free of charge and available to download from the website in a digital format to read on smartphones and tablets.

To get your complimentary copy, visit the website.

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By Michael Burne, Features Editor, GDPR Report

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