In today’s fast-paced, ever-expanding world of advertising, more and more businesses jump on the bandwagon of adding video content to their webpage. And with good reason. The advantages of including informative, innovative and memorable marketing messages via video is an important way of attracting and engaging customers to your website. If your business is seeking a creative way to stand out from the competition, video may well be the answer. According to Cisco, 69% of all internet traffic will be made up by video content by 2017. To avoid being left in the lurch, let’s have a look at the top 5 benefits of adding video to your company’s website.

1. Visual experience

Watching a short, to the point video about a product is the way forward. Gone are the days of reading long, drawn-out 500 word paragraphs which neglect the short attention span of today’s customer. An effective video can be easier to digest and provide as much information by communicating to the viewer through more aesthetic means while saving valuable time. The enhanced user interaction as well as the capabilities of features like HD, streaming and animation indicate that the potential of video content is endless and a sure-fire way of getting a message out to your customers.

2. Personality

Those outdated ‘Get to know us’ profiles which list the likes and dislikes of employees on a company’s website should be ancient history thanks to video content which has the ability to display the personality of the business in a more appealing and modern way. Video messaging can emit an emotional response from the customer aimed at aligning them your businesses persona. Whether you want to be funny, reliable, sophisticated or educational, the choices are never-ending and embedded videos are a great way of portraying personality to the customer.

3. On Demand

Thanks to on-demand video, the accessibility of your content is available to anyone, anywhere at any time. Unlike traditional sales methods, the customer can view your marketing campaign whenever is convenient to them and can do so as many times as they wish. Not only is it more convenient to the customer, the capabilities of video can be accessed on any device across a multitude of digital platforms. This means that whether you’re on the go with your smartphone, stuck at work on your desktop or at home on a tablet, the content is ready and available to view.

4. Social media

The rise and success of social media is undeniable and any businesses that do not take advantage of reaching a wider, potentially global audience are likely to become stuck in the past and condemned to the history books. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr or any of the other hundreds of social media websites, having a social media presence is where it’s at. Combine this with the capabilities of video on your webpage and success is bound to follow. Setting up marketing campaigns in unison with social media is a simple formula which allows users to share your message to others and act as the modern day word of mouth advertising

5. SEO

When customers use search engines to search for a business, the ranking in which the website appears is often of great importance to those in charge. Recent findings in a study conducted by Forrester show that a webpage with video is 53 times more likely to rank higher than pages that only present text based content. This suggests that search engines prioritise video results and they are therefore likely to be easier found on the web when searched. Once searched, the customer then is likely to stay on the page for a longer duration as they are hopefully engaged with the messages presented in the video.

The evolution of marketing continues to move at an accelerated speed and video is a hugely contributing factor. Those with their fingers on the pulse will realise that video will only continue to rise in popularity and demand. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth much more.


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