With mobile set to drive a 19.8% increase in online video consumption it is no wonder many brands are putting this marketing tool at the forefront of their digital strategies. However, video is only one part of a wider campaign and can often lack direct engagement, instead acting as a static viewing tool.

Taylors of Harrogate, a Yorkshire family business devoted to the craft of outstanding coffee and tea, worked closely with the world’s leading video platform, Innovid, and media agency, Goodstuff Communications, to break the video mould and create a campaign that could not only better raise its profile but also increase engagement and interaction from viewers.

It was this that led Taylors of Harrogate to explore Innovid’s use of creative interactive video units with the help of its agency partner Goodstuff.

Taylors’ overall media campaign, fronted by celebrated pig farmer, Jimmy Doherty, aimed to show people the lengths Taylors of Harrogate would go to in order to deliver great coffee.

As part of this campaign, an interactive adbloom unit was created to add an extra layer of engagement. Designed to allow consumers to discover which Taylors coffee product that was right for them, the unit created sat within a 60” video on demand campaign as a click through, as well as a stand-alone format on Facebook and Twitter.

Achieving a UK media first

The creative, interactive video unit that was shared via Facebook demystified the complexes surrounding the coffee and allowed consumers to engage with the brand by choosing coffee preferences online. These preferences were then transferred into personal recommendations for the consumer and included links to buy direct from the nearest retailer. Alex Sayliss, Account Manager, Goodstuff Communications, commented, “With increased choice and innovation, navigating the coffee category is increasingly complex for shoppers. To add a richer experience we decided to create an interactive unit with Channel 4 and Innovid that allowed people to discover and purchase coffee directly from online retailers. It was very exciting for us as a team, as alongside Innovid we created a UK media first for Facebook which proved to be incredibly successful.”

Off the scale engagement

The video unit itself created impressive engagement numbers, with a huge engagement figure of 35% compared to the existing food and beverage benchmark of 1.7%. As well as this Taylors of Harrogate found the video unit provided them with more than 30 seconds of additional engagement time with the consumer; with the average user spending 78 seconds in the unit, compared to the average benchmark of 41 seconds.

And the engagement didn’t stop there, with the video gaining over 4,000 likes, just under 400 shares and 300 consumer comments – each of which was responded to by the Taylors of Harrogate team.


The overall campaign was a show stopping success for all parties involved, with Taylors of Harrogate not only seeing great engagement rates, but also an impressive 16.5% click through rate compared to the industry benchmark of 1.3%.

Tom Craik, Digital Brand Manager at Taylors of Harrogate commented, “Many of our audiences are heavy users of digital, so we’re continually on the hunt for fresh ways to tell our coffee stories online. A key component of our video on demand activity, the Adbloom, bridged the gap between our digital brand and product communications, allowing us to create engagement at scale whilst signposting our range and distribution, exceeding our expectations in the process.”

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